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Nursing Bra Know How

Posted on: July 21, 2010

Pregnancy does beautiful yet strange things to your body. Women who are entering their third trimester of pregnancy are often faced with the challenge of finding new and unusual clothing and accessories. Your breast will often grow in size as you begin to create milk to nourish your little one. Once this starts to happen you will need to hit the stores or the internet and find yourself a nursing bra. Before you give birth, a nursing bra can offer you the support and comfort not often available in regular bras. Once you do give birth a nursing bra not only provides you with support and comfort, but it will allow for easy access during feedings. Since it’s not every day you purchase a nursing bra, here are some great tips to help guide your search and ensure you buy the perfect one.

  • Adjustable Cups and Straps: The size and shape of your breasts will change frequently while you are breast feeding, making it seem impossible to find a perfect fitting bra. Adjustable cups and straps will allow you the utmost comfort as your size fluctuates.
  • Function is Foremost: Next to comfort, function and usage is the most important characteristic of a nursing bra. It’s important to find a bra that is easy to use. With a baby in one hand you will want something that you can access using only your other hand. Plastic clips are easy to manipulate with one hand and will allow you to fasten and unfasten relatively quickly. Any bra leaving you fumbling around is going to make nursing a task.
  • Apple Support: Regardless of what bra size you were previous to your pregnancy, you will undoubtedly be carrying more weight around in your chest area. It’s important to find a nursing bra that will give you the added support you need. Look for nursing bras that offer adjustable straps to give you added support when you need it most.
  • Breath ability: It’s important to allow your breast to breath, especially during the months your nursing. Many women wear nursing bras all day long; that, combined with leakage, and sweating can cause uncomfortable skin and nipple irritation. The best material you can choose when shopping for nursing bras is cotton. While there are other materials designed to allow your skin to breath, cotton will offer you the most comfort and breath ability.
  • Forgo the Underwire: Many women, especially those with larger breasts tend to seek the support of an underwire. While this may be beneficial pre-pregnancy and post nursing, during the month you will be nursing it can cause more harm than good. Underwire during nursing can cause discomfort during breast size fluctuation, as well as a decrease in milk production or even blockages due to direct pressure on your mammary glands.
  • Buy more than One: Depending on how long and how often you will be wearing a nursing bra, it’s generally a good idea to invest in at least two. I suggest choosing one with overwhelming support and accessibility for day time use and one that is lighter and less restrictive for evening use when you’re not out and about. This will allow you more comfort and freedom when you are at home and more support and usability when you are taking part in the hustle and bustle of daily life.

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