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When you are trying to get the best nursing bra for your needs, it is important to understand how to get the correct nursing bra size.  Sizing bras can be embarrassing, especially if you have never done it before.  Thankfully, determining your correct size is not difficult and can be done either by yourself, or by a professional.

The best time to determine your nursing bra size.

It can be hard to know at what point in your pregnancy you should have get sized.  As your milk comes in you may find that your bra size changes dramatically.  The best bet is to be measured (or measure yourself) about a month before your due date and get just a few bras at that point.  Then about a month after the baby arrives, go ahead and measure again to get a more accurate fit and order more bras at that time.

How to decide on the right nursing bra for you.

Finding the best bra for your personal needs doen’t have to be difficult.  Look at the bras that you wear now, and get one that is similar.  If you love underwire, you will most likely love it when you are nursing.  If you hate underwire, it probably will be the same when you are nursing.  One thing you do want to do though is make sure that your new  bra doesn’t have any seems across the cups.  This will make it much more comfortable.  When choosing your bra, make sure that you go with what you like now and you should be good to go.

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You’ll also learn about the best nursing bras for larger chested mommies, what types of nursing bras are the best, and much more. To your nursing success!

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Bella Materna’s Lingerie America boutique

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Philips Avent Washable Nursing Pads 6 Count Review

These are SO much better than the disposable. They may seem like a big investment to begin with, but they more than pay for themselves. And they don’t get heavy like the disposable pads. They’re so soft you don’t feel like you’re wearing anything in your bra. I bought three packs and now I only have to wash once a week or so. Wonderful!!!

Philips Avent Washable Nursing Pads 6 Count Feature

  • Includes 6 washable nursing pads
  • Extra soft and absorbent
  • Machine washable
  • Laundry bag included

Philips Avent Washable Nursing Pads 6 Count Overview

Extra Value. Includes Laundry Bag.
6 Washable, re-usable breast pads
Anti-slip lace outer layer.
Brushed cotton lining – soft and gentle against the skin.
Absorbent padding draws moisture away form the skin and traps it behind a leakproof liner.

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