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Disposable Breast Pads For Nursing Mothers – 60 pk. Review

Disposable Breast Pads For Nursing Mothers – 60 pk. Feature

  • Pediatrician approved and tested
  • Ultra-absorbant micro-layer prevents leakage
  • Shape contours to mom so no adhesive is required
  • Ultra-soft and comfortable-perfect for moms on-the-go
  • No SAPs (chemical polymers), all materials biodegradable

Disposable Breast Pads For Nursing Mothers – 60 pk. Overview

Our Disposable Breast Pads – 60 pk. by Simplisse offer a natural, seamless layer of confidence for every breastfeeding mom. They effectively absorb nipple moisture and prevent leakage through clothing. Its super-thin design (two times thinner than other pads) prevents unsightly bulkiness.

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Cotton/lace nursing bra from Carriwell. Specifically designed for breast feeding convenience and comfort. The stretchy soft lace follows the natural curves of the body and the easy-to-open crossover style enables baby to nuzzle up easily. Also makes an ideal medium support sleep bra or comfort bra for lazy days in. Available from

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Playtex Disposable Nursing Pads 36 ea Review

I love love these nursing pads! For my first child, I used the Lansinoh pads and liked them. For my second baby, my nipples were always very sensitive. First they were cracked from improper positioning, but even after they healed they were still sensitive. I tried the Lansinoh pads and they rubbed them wrong, so I paid the extra money for the Lansinoh for “sensitive nipples” and they still hurt. So I tried these and they were absolutely fantastic! They didn’t hurt and I found the absorbency even better. After nights where I had leaked a lot they still felt pretty dry whereas with the Lansinoh they were damp.

I found them better and cheaper. I also found them at my local grocery store for cheaper than Amazon so I bought them there. I would definitely recommend these to anyone – they are worth it!

Playtex Disposable Nursing Pads 36 ea Overview

This Playtex baby product is BPA (Bisphenol-A) free.
36 Individually Wrapped Pads
Outstanding Protection:
Unique LeakShield™ Construction
Super Absorbent Materials
Great Fit
Gathered Seams for Custom Fit
Discreet Contoured Shape
Non-Slip Adhesive Backing
Total Comfort:
Supremely Soft Lining
Moisture-Wicking Core
Questions? 1-800-22-0453

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I remember a dark time when I tried to balance everything in my life and failed miserably. I was like a new circus ringmaster on opening day trying to shape and juggle my roles as a mother, wife and business owner. The stress and fears were lions eating me alive.

How could I balance everything? It seemed impossible. I resorted to researching how others did it by voraciously reading self-help books which screamed at me “my way is best.” Instead of finding direction, I became even more frustrated because their advice was conflicting. My life suddenly seemed even more chaotic. I was now angry with myself for not being able to follow what these best-selling authors told me to do. I was also livid, because here I was trying to live “the balanced life” helping others through workshops I gave to companies on effective communication, and I was spiraling downhill. My body began reflecting back to me what I was going through. Gaining weight…dropping weight…then ballooning bigger than ever before.

One day during a meditation I remembered an anonymous quote I once read. “A balancing act is different from living in balance.” This struck me. Living in balance is divine order, which is our natural state. In order to live a balanced life I needed to align myself with divine order which is always in balanced. Here is one thing I learned from my meditations on balance which worked for me and I know will help you too:


The way to live a balanced life is to start from the inside out. Recognize you are a spiritual being living in a perfectly balanced universe which is always under divine order. When I look at any chaos in the world, it can all be attributed to man. So with that in mind, I realized I only need to align myself with the divine order which is already operating in my world. The way I could do that was thinking not of chaos in my life, but of everything around me which was balanced.

I began contemplating the seasons, the stars, and the solar system, all operating in divine order and balance. I thought of flowers blooming in springtime. I thought of babies being born and how their tiny bodies would grow. Then my thoughts went deep inside of me. I marveled at the synchronicity of my own body functioning in perfect order. My blood circulates, the cells dividing and multiplying with precision. My organs, heart, liver, kidneys and lungs all synchronize in perfect harmony with one another. I thought of how my muscles contract and relax to help me rise out of the bed in the morning so that I could simply walk across the room. What a miracle. What perfect balance right inside of me. When I take a few moments to stop whatever I am doing to simply take deep breaths, I align myself quickly with the natural balance of life.

We spend too much time thinking of what is wrong with our lives, and what is not work. Is it any wonder we are attracting more of the same? Take a few minutes out of the day to time to think of harmony, beauty, peace and what is working in your life to find your perfect balance and inner peace.

For more information on how to effectively communicate for better relationships, visit

Janet Alston Jackson is author of “A Cry for Light: A Journey into Love,” named winner of Christian Inspiration Award by USA Book News Award. She is a personal and professional growth expert. Sign up for upcoming teleconferences for better relationships on her websites:

– White Bikini – 3 PK – S Review

– White Bikini – 3 PK – S Feature

  • Medela Maternity / Post-Partum Bikinis 3 Pack
  • BREASTFEEDING STORE Nursing Bras Medela Products Sleepwear Supports, Gifts & MUCH MORE>Maternity Underwear Girdles, & Support Belts 673-Small ALL White Medela Maternity / Post-Partum Bikinis 3 Pack

– White Bikini – 3 PK – S Overview

The Bikini 3-Pack keeps Mom comfortable and stylish all day long throughout her pregnancy and postpartum. Below-the-belly design wont roll or ride-up making it a must have for any mom. All this and no tag too. Available in white and a 3 panty combo pack with 1 white 1 black & 1 nude.

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Are you concerned about breast cancer? If you’re breastfeeding, then you can be assured that you’re cutting your risk for developing one of the most common forms of cancer among women. And you’re protecting your baby as well.

The World Cancer Research Fund/American Institute for Cancer Research (WCRF/AICR) found convincing evidence that breastfeeding protects mothers from developing breast cancer both before and after menopause. Breastfeeding also protects the breastfed child from developing cancers that are linked with being overweight and obesity. These include post-menopausal breast cancer and cancers of the esophagus, pancreas, colorectum, and kidney.

One reason breastfeeding reduces the mother’s risk for developing breast cancer because it causes her to stop menstruating for many months. Some women do not resume menstruating until after they stop breastfeeding altogether. This period of amenorrhea, or absence of menstruation, is a signal that the woman’s hormones have shifted to a state that reduces her chances of developing breast cancer And the longer a woman breastfeeds, the greater her protection against breast cancer.

Apparently, the natural hormonal changes that women experience during menstruation increase breast cancer risk. This explains why women who have never been pregnant (another period of amenorrhea) have increased risk for breast cancer.

Another way that breastfeeding may protect mothers from breast cancer is by getting rid of breast cells during lactation. These include cells that could develop or already have damaged DNA.

Don’t worry, the damaged cells aren’t harming your baby through your breastmilk. In fact, breastfed babies have reduced risk for developing breast cancer and other forms of cancer And again, the longer the baby is breastfed, the greater the protection.

Breastfeeding is only one of the ways that you can protect your baby and yourself against cancer WCRF/AICR gives the following 10 recommendations to avoid cancer:

1. Be as lean as possible within the normal range of body weight.

2. Be physically active as part of everyday life.

3. Limit consumption of energy-dense foods. Avoid sugary drinks.

4. Eat mostly foods of plant origin.

5. Limit intake of red meat and avoid processed meat.

6. Limit alcoholic drinks.

7. Limit consumption of salt. Avoid moldy cereals (grains) or pulses (legumes).

8. Aim to meet nutritional needs through diet alone.

9. Mothers to breastfeed; children to be breastfed.

10. Cancer survivors: Follow the recommendations for cancer.

Remember: The World Health Organization and United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) recommend exclusive breastfeeding for 6 months. Afterwards, breastfeeding should continue, along with complementary foods, for two years or longer.

For more information about the benefits of breastfeeding and to browse pretty nursing bras, visit

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Lansinoh 20265 Disposable Nursing Pads, 60-Count Boxes (Pack of 3) Review

This little pad absorbs bottomlessly. When I had my son, he was in the NICU for a week, and because he was being fed formula, he would refuse to be nursed. Consequently, my milk would back up and it wasn’t fun for me. Nevertheless, there’s just one thing that I’ve noticed never occurred to me, even without me noticing it at all… no milk, no stains, no nothing. One of the days my son would refuse being nursed, I went back to my room and took a long needed nap. When I woke up, I walked around like normal until I jumped into the shower and realized that the nursing pads were so heavy and full of milk, I was in absolute shock! The entire time, my breasts were dry, there was no moisture around, nothing… just heavy nursing pads that needed obvious changing. Unfortunately for me, my son missed that train at the height of things (by the time we were ready to pump, that wagon had already left for me), but I wore these pads without worry during the times the milk was overflowing. I gave a box of these to each of my pregnant girlfriends so that they’ll try it. They are as pleasantly shocked as I was!!

Lansinoh 20265 Disposable Nursing Pads, 60-Count Boxes (Pack of 3) Feature

  • Super-absorbent pads wick moisture away from skin
  • Special polymer in core of pad absorbs excess milk
  • Unique laminated waterproof backing protects clothes
  • Ultra-thin for natural, discreet fit; individually wrapped for hygiene
  • Non-slip tape keeps pads in place

Lansinoh 20265 Disposable Nursing Pads, 60-Count Boxes (Pack of 3) Overview

Disposable Nursing Pads

Lansinoh 20265 Disposable Nursing Pads, 60-Count Boxes (Pack of 3) Specifications

Breastfeeding mothers know that let-down can occur at the most inopportune times. It can be triggered by missing a scheduled feeding, hearing a baby crying (whether your own or someone else’s), or even just thinking about your baby. And, of course, leaks always seems to happen when you’re in the middle of an important business presentation or wearing your best silk dress at a friend’s wedding. These extra absorbent disposable nursing pads have a soft, comfortable lining that rests against the skin. The lining draws excess moisture away from skin and into a polymer core in the center. A laminated waterproof lining against your clothing prevents milk from getting any further. The pads are incredibly thin (2 mm) and contoured like a breast, so they don’t look stiff or unnatural under clothing. Adhesive tape on the back of each pad secures it to undergarments to keep it from shifting during the day. Each pad comes individually wrapped for hygienically transporting them in a briefcase or diaper bag. –Cristina Vaamonde

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Medela Quick Clean Micro-Steam Bags Review

I pump in addition to breastfeeding to store milk. We used to just use our dishwasher to sanitize all the pumping parts. Sometimes though I didn’t want to run the dishwasher because it wasn’t full and I would end up handwashing the pump parts.

While you should still wash you pump parts with warm soap and water, this product makes it very easy to sterilize them. 3 minutes in the microwave and voila!

You can use every bag 20 times and there are little boxes on the back that you can mark each time you use them so you don’t forget. I was worried about that when I bought the product. Imagine me, a sleep-deprived mother, forgetting something??

Cheap and easy to use- I love it!

Medela Quick Clean Micro-Steam Bags Feature

  • Fast – complete in just 3 minutes
  • Unique – faster than boiling and more effective than dishwashing
  • Easy-to-use – Just add water and heat in the microwave
  • Economical – 5 reusable bags per box (up to 20 uses per bag = 100 uses)

Medela Quick Clean Micro-Steam Bags Overview

Unique and powerful, Quick Clean Micro-Steam Bags eliminate 99.9% of all harmful bacteria and germs from most breast pump parts and feeding accessories. Now you can do daily disinfecting in as fast as 3 minutes flat thanks to these easy-to-use Micro-Steam Bags. Faster than boiling and more effective than dishwashing, these bags are a real time saver for Mom. Just add water and heat in the microwave and you?re ready to go! And, these great bags are reusable too, up to 20 uses per bag. 5 reusable bags per box.


  • Eliminates 99.9% of all harmful bacteria and germs
  • Quick, only 3 minutes
  • More effective than dishwashing
  • Just add water and microwave
  • Up to 20 uses per bag
  • 5 bags per box
  • Available at Amazon Check Price Now!

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Jane Ivanov, founder and president of Eve Alexander Maternity/Nursing Lingerie, shares about her road to entrepreneurship. In 2004, she had an idea of bringing high-quality maternity / nursing bras to the market, and was the place from where she found the right supplier to help realize that dream.

Medela Breast Pump Accessory Set Review

The accessory kit has been used a lot. The extra bottles come in handy because now I can pump and store without worrying about not having bottles for my next pump. I wish the set also came with extra collars and nipples. The nipples are not so mush of a problem as the collars are…I can find the nipples here at but they don’t sell the collars.

The extra breast shields also comes in handy because I always have a set on hand while the other is being washed and dried. The only difference is the clear part of the shields that came with my pump came in 2 parts where as the shields with this set is one piece.

I haven’t used the micro bags yet since I have the Avent Micro sterilizer. I’ll probably save these bags and use them when we go travelling.

Medela Breast Pump Accessory Set Feature

  • Breast Pump Parts and Accessory Set
  • Includes Bottles and Lids, 2 Valves & Membranes, 2 Micro Steam Bags, 2 Breastshields

Medela Breast Pump Accessory Set Overview

– Not for use with Little Hearts or Harmony breastpumps.
– This kit does NOT include any tubing.
– For all other breastshield sizes (21mm, 24mm, 27mm, 30mm, and 36mm), check separate listings

Available at Amazon Check Price Now!

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