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Essential Nursing Apparel For the New Mother

Posted on: August 17, 2010

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If you are getting ready to be a new mom and you are planning on breastfeeding your baby, there are essential nursing apparel items that you will need. You will need to plan accordingly, as not all moms are in the same situation and need the same things. For the most part though, there are certain items that you will want and need no matter what situation you are in.

The first thing you need to decide is whether you are going to buy the things yourself or include them in your baby shower registry. I advise including at least some of the main nursing essentials in your registry because the whole idea of dispersing the expenses helps you out financially in a big way.

Remember there are things that you need to take care of yourself and then things you will need to take care of your newborn baby. Some starters for before birth even are some good skin care products. In addition to that magic cream you rub on your belly every day while praying to the stretch mark gods, you will need a good nipple cream. The ointments are usually in a pasty Vaseline like substance and come in a squeeze tube. You will want to start applying that product well before the arrival of baby to make your nipple skin ready to be used regularly.

Another thing to remember in skin care is that anything you put on your skin, your baby will be rubbing up against. Mostly that means that you should try to use the most gentle, natural, perfume and chemical free lotion that you can find so that it is sensitive enough for your baby and his skin as well.

The very most basic of nursing essentials that every mom will want and need are: nursing bras – regular and sleep styles, nursing pajamas, a nursing pillow of some sort, a breast pump, and a nursing cover. The nursing bra comes in mainly two different styles of nursing methods. There is the clip down cup that individually open to expose one breast at a time for nursing. Then there is the pull aside version that is made in a criss cross style and the fabric and construction are made to withstand stretching one cup over the breast to the side for feeding. Each mom is different in what they prefer and different settings you may require or prefer one over the other. Nursing pajamas are essential because you need to spend at least the first week or two trying to rest and heal while you are taking care of your newborn as well. You will need to stay comfortable and there is no better excuse for walking around in your pajamas than childbirth. Your nursing pillow you will find comes in handy for many things including nursing, tummy time for baby, propping baby up on his back, placing on the floor around baby when he is learning to sit up, and you will be surprised how comfortable it is to rest your own head on while you are up late reading your books on baby’s first year!

After these very basic tools, every new nursing mom will need some nursing clothing as well. The difference here is that every mom has a different situation with work. If you are planning on staying at home indefinitely or work from home, your needs in nursing clothing will be very different from those that work outside the home while still breastfeeding. Even the kind of breast pump you choose may depend on where you will be traveling with it and how you do your commute. They come in all sorts of styles such as over the arm straps or backpack style and they also come with small coolers that include a cold pack in order to make transporting your breast milk from work to home more easy and convenient.

These days there are many products out there that are made strictly to make your life as a nursing mom as easy and stress free as possible.

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