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Playtex Disposable Nursing Pads 36 ea

Posted on: August 28, 2010

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Playtex Disposable Nursing Pads 36 ea Review

I love love these nursing pads! For my first child, I used the Lansinoh pads and liked them. For my second baby, my nipples were always very sensitive. First they were cracked from improper positioning, but even after they healed they were still sensitive. I tried the Lansinoh pads and they rubbed them wrong, so I paid the extra money for the Lansinoh for “sensitive nipples” and they still hurt. So I tried these and they were absolutely fantastic! They didn’t hurt and I found the absorbency even better. After nights where I had leaked a lot they still felt pretty dry whereas with the Lansinoh they were damp.

I found them better and cheaper. I also found them at my local grocery store for cheaper than Amazon so I bought them there. I would definitely recommend these to anyone – they are worth it!

Playtex Disposable Nursing Pads 36 ea Overview

This Playtex baby product is BPA (Bisphenol-A) free.
36 Individually Wrapped Pads
Outstanding Protection:
Unique LeakShield™ Construction
Super Absorbent Materials
Great Fit
Gathered Seams for Custom Fit
Discreet Contoured Shape
Non-Slip Adhesive Backing
Total Comfort:
Supremely Soft Lining
Moisture-Wicking Core
Questions? 1-800-22-0453

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