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What Are the Most Popular Tights and Stockings For Wearing to Work In the Office?

Posted on: December 24, 2010

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If you work in an office, it’s usually all about professionalism. The same applies when it comes to the hosiery choices you make. But, which are the most popular types of tights and stockings to wear in an office?

If you’re in a fairly conservative office, you’re probably likely to wear some form of hosiery if you wear anything other than trousers. Tights tend to be preferred, because like the dress code, they’re more conservative than stockings. They cover the whole leg easily and neatly, and can be just as comfortable as anything else, provided you buy the right style and size.

In the office tights will usually be neutral in colour, often black or skin-tone. Bright colours or footless tights are usually frowned upon so are best avoided.

Stockings and hold-ups can also be worn, but you need to make sure that your skirt is long enough to accommodate them. While you may think it’s sexy to have a slight hint of stocking-top on display, the workplace won’t always agree. It’s far better to be professional and err on the side of caution, and if that means being a bit conservative, so be it.

But, as long as you’re sure you can conceal it sufficiently, there’s no reason why you can’t add a bit of cheekiness to your outfit and go for stockings or hold-ups. Indeed, many people choose to wear hold-ups if they’re heading out straight after work as they’ll be far more comfortable and easier to wear.

Bear in mind the hazards of wearing hosiery to work though. Stockings can be particularly fiddly when nature calls, and it can take twice as long to get sorted out afterward. You’ll also need to take care that you don’t snag them, as having a ladder in your tights for the rest of the day is not preferable. Always carry around a bottle of clear nail varnish in case such an occasion arises.

The question of which is most popular also comes down to the season that you’re in. While in winter tights will undoubtedly be preferable thanks to the extra warmth they provide, in summer it can be a different story. Stockings will usually be preferred as they’re cooler, and as such will be far more comfortable in the heat. Even in an air-conditioned office, never underestimate how uncomfortable it can be if you’re too hot in your tights.

So, what are the most popular tights and stockings to wear to work in an office? As with so many of these questions, what it comes down to more than anything is personal preference, unless of course your office dictates otherwise.

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