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Pharmacological Aspects of Nursing Care Review

Pharmacological Aspects of Nursing Care Feature

  • Section on Agents Affecting the Autonomic Nervous System
  • Expanded discussion of IV therapy
  • NCLEX-RN style questions at the end of each chapter, as well as discussion of the latest test plan changes
  • Safety in Nursing Practice boxes throughout the chapters
  • Nursing Care Plans for each drug classification covered AND MUCH MORE

Pharmacological Aspects of Nursing Care Overview

Make pharmacology come to life! Pharmacological Aspects of Nursing Care is a uniquely engaging resource for understanding drugs and their action. A smooth writing style, clean progression of concepts, and logical body system/drug classification organization results in a clear and concise delivery of complex nursing responsibilities related to pharmacology. Enhanced critical thinking exercises and case studies demand comprehension and necessitate application, which is the quickest route to learning this challenging subject area. Utilize this resource as preparation to provide safe pharmacological nursing care to patients in any setting.

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