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Are you a new mom who is thinking of breastfeeding your baby? If so, then buying a good nursing bra is one of the first things you should do. But what exactly is a good nursing bra?

If you’ve never bought one before, you should remember that your nursing bra should be comfortable and easy to use. Here are a few tips that will help you find the perfect one for you.

o Your nursing bra must give your baby easy access during feeding time. This means you should get one that’s easy to fasten and unfasten even with just one hand. Or you can choose a bra with stretchable cups if you feel you’re having a hard time with the clasps or front snaps.

o Choose a nursing bra with a comfortable fit. It should be supportive enough for your breasts. Don’t buy a tight nursing bra. This could cause breast infection, which can cause clogs and will make you unable to breastfeed your baby. If you’re choosing one with underwires, take note of how it may constrict the breast tissue – this might affect the flow of milk from your breasts or might cause clogging.

o When possible, choose a nursing bra made of breathable material. Cotton is a good choice. Also avoid bras that keep the moisture in. This may cause bacterial growth – and eventually will cause problems while nursing your baby. If you’d want to wear breast pads under your nursing bra, make sure it has moisture-wicking properties so your breasts stay dry even if you’re lactating.

o Remember that your breast size changes before and after you’ve given birth. So make sure to find the right size first before rushing to buy a nursing bra in the store nearest you or online. Depending on the style and manufacturer, they may have different measurements or sizing options. Get fitted first before buying, so you won’t experience problems during breastfeeding.

o Don’t choose a nursing bra based on price alone. Many moms would think of buying many cheap bras only to find out that they wear down easily. Not that you should buy an expensive nursing bra; you should buy one that’s of good quality so it won’t cause – or cost – you any problems in the long run.

Take note of these tips to help you in choosing the perfect nursing bra for you. When you’ve found the style that fits you and your baby, buy at least three or more of them – one to wear for the day, one in the laundry, and one ready in the drawer.

Breastfeeding should be a wonderful time to feed your baby. Getting a nursing bra that’s easy to use and comfortable will relieve you of all the trouble during this special moment as you bond with your little bundle of joy.

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