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Nursing Pads Ekstra Style, Small Review

Never look elsewhere.

Having a series of breast-feeding problems i.e. fast let-down, heavy leak, engorgement, and oversupply of breast milk, I was saved by these heavenly soft pads. I could not believe how comfortable they were, my jaw dropped;-). They keep your breasts warm, and never feel wet or cold even when soaked with leaked milk. Before I met these, I used organic cotton pads from Under the Nile. As soft as they are, they are no match to these woolen ones (cotton pads get soaked and feel cold right away ).

Although you may think their price tag is rather high, they are quite reasonable because with proper care, you most likely only need 2-4 pairs for your ENTIRE breastfeeding period (12-18 months on average? – I have been breast-feeding for almost two years now, and so far, I bought 4 pairs in total – my 3rd and 4th pairs are still good.) Plus, care is super-easy – you wash them in lukewarm water with lanolin soap once every week or so. Get two sets and rotate day and night. They are the BEST nursing pads you will meet EVER!

Nursing Pads Ekstra Style, Small Feature

  • LANACare nursing pads – the nursing pads women LOVE! Most women need only 2 pairs for entire nursing period.
  • In soft, organic, knitted wool; wicks moisture away from skin without feeling wet, keeping skin dry & comfortable. Triple thickness with inner felted layer gives extra barrier against wetness.
  • Beneficial with most common breastfeeding problems. Larger sizes give protective warmth, which Scandinavian midwives have long felt helps prevent plugged ducts.
  • Style Ekstra (1 of 3 styles & 6 sizes) gives greatest barrier effect & absorption for heavy leaking.
  • Small, 6 in diameter. Most popular size. Cup size B-D.

Nursing Pads Ekstra Style, Small Overview

Soothing! Natural lanolin removes bacteria as pads dry-wash occasionally with LANACare lanolin soap. 3 styles & 6 sizes to suit each woman’s needs. Softline – light leaking. Original – most popular, moderate leaking. Ekstra – moderate to heavy leaking.

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