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Lansinoh Lanolin – Nursing Cream, 2 oz Review

I can’t add much to the “for your nipples” reviews (except that my midwife said this is full of Vitamin D so I should use it even if I don’t get too chapped) …

But I came across the suggestion to use it as a diaper rash cream, with my cloth diapers. It seemed wrong because you put lanolin on wool diaper covers to make them waterproof … but the water temperature is the difference: the hot water you use to wash diapers gets the lanolin off the cloth.

The one time little one started a bit of a rash, after a hot afternoon with a PUL cover, I put this on and it was gone within hours.

I also used it after his circumcision, on the freshly exposed skin that was so tender. I noticed more progress from day to day, than with the vaseline (but since they told me to use Vaseline, I mixed the lanolin with it just to be sure).

I was disappointed it does nothing for my cuticles, and other skin irritations I’d love to tend to while I have the Lanisoh in my hand, but doing nipples and diapers is enough multitasking to earn a spot in the tiniest diaper bag.

And yeah it’s thick and sticky – which is what keeps it on the skin long enough to work!

Lansinoh Lanolin – Nursing Cream, 2 oz Feature

  • Lansinoh uses ultra-pure, medical-grade lanolin.
  • Lansinoh Brand Lanolin is the only lanolin available that contains no preservatives or additives.
  • It does not have to be removed before breastfeeding

Lansinoh Lanolin – Nursing Cream, 2 oz Overview

Product Description Safe for baby – Relief for Mothers. Soothes and helps heal cracked nipples. Does not need to be removed from nipples prior to breastfeeding baby. Safe and non-toxic for both mother and baby. Don’t let the discomfort of sore nipples interrupt this special

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