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One of the more famous nursing bra brands, Anita creates the Under wire Nursing Bra that gives comfort and shaping for new moms. It has under wired lace cups which are also molded to give your milk-filled breasts the support they need. Each seamless cup has the patented Kwikklip that allows you to open and close one side at a time easily with one hand. What makes the Anita Under wire Nursing Bra stand out from all other nursing bras is the unique Anita Memo, a movable pink marker that helps remind you which side was last used for breastfeeding.

The Upside: Breastfeeding moms will love the look of this Anita nursing bra – it doesn’t look like your ordinary nursing bra! The lace cups add a touch of style and femininity. The under wires offer support to your breasts which may feel heavy during these sensitive months. And it gives your breasts some lift and separation, unlike bras that don’t have under wires.

The Kwikklip feature is very helpful for breastfeeding moms as it allows them to open the cups one at a time – this means more privacy while nursing your baby. Plus it gives them ease since the Kwikklip makes it easy to open and close the clasps with just one hand while you’re holding your baby with the other. And because of the Anita Memo that you can shift from left to right, moms will always have a reminder which side your bundle of joy last fed on.

The Downside: Since the Anita Under wire Bra has lace cups, it doesn’t absorb excess milk as much as a usual nursing bra with thicker cups do. It’s a bit too transparent compared to ordinary nursing bras. You can’t wear it under thin shirts without worrying about it showing through.

Moms may also feel hesitant about wearing nursing bras with under wires, fearing that they may disrupt the flow of milk. They may also feel limited about its sizing as it only goes up to a cup F size; women with larger cup sizes would have to find another bra. And at almost $60, the Anita Under wire Nursing Bra seems to be a bit pricey for some.

The Verdict: Moms who are keen on breastfeeding their baby may want to invest in the Anita Under wire Nursing Bra. Not only does it make breastfeeding a breeze, but it also gives new moms the support and comfort they need especially during these sensitive months. It’s stylish in looks, too – unlike the other nursing bras sold today. It may seem a bit expensive for a bra, but the benefits you and your baby will get will be worth it.

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