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Whether or not Surrogate motherhood is ethical and ought to be supported is actually a tricky and hot subject in the current society.

It is one particular issue that can actually draw a line between the modern and the conservative. The issue has been a center of debate in many of the law making institutions in the world. America has been a place for rights, and has actually not been left behind in embracing the rights of women to choose not to give birth and contract the responsibility to others at a fee.

There are many reasons that may actually be given to justify the surrogacy contract. In many societies, there is actually that respect that is given to the process of procreation. At least in most of the religious institutions like Islam, Christianity, Hindu Sikhism Judaism and many others, there is a sanction that is actually given in the holy books. That actually means that there is a justification that marriage as a union should bring forth human beings. There is therefore a good justification that it may be a right of a family to have kids. When that reason is given, a woman who is not fertile can justify it if she turns to a surrogacy contract to have a child of her husband instead of adopting one. There may be other justifications which may include a possibility where a woman giving birth may actually result to risking her life due to some medical complications.

The debate for the surrogacy contract is rather healthy at this time in most societies. Considering the societies where there are very conservative religion laws or strict traditional practices, the mention of surrogacy may not even be entertained. In such societies, it is purely against the faith, beliefs and the traditions.

The child rights activists in both developed and underdeveloped countries will also question the surrogacy arrangement. The argument is that it may purely deny a child many of its rights. Depending on the contract that is made between the contracting couple and mother, there may be or not a role that the surrogate mother may play after birth. Where laws to protect the interests of the child are silent, the child may be denied some of the basic things that he or she may require. Good time for breastfeeding may actually be denied. A child may require still that emotional attachment to the mum. This may also go in the same way for the mother. At times the surrogate mother develops an attachment to the baby and often has nothing to do about it.

There are those morality crusaders who also question the role of money in this. It is said that it is just like making money the center stage of life. They actually claim that the contract is just tantamount to giving money a higher standing in a serious matter off life. They question the integrity of women who lend their bodies for cash.

The main opponents of the surrogacy law are religious bodies. They claim that it is really going to kill the sacred institutions of the family.

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