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Vicky of talks about Bravado Nursing Bras, an essential for the nursing mom.

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Leigh, fitter at http://www.fromheretomaternity, discusses the unique features of the original bravado nursing bra

Having a baby for the first time can be more than a little daunting. It can be very stressful and new moms need all the hope they can get. Nursing your baby can be hassle-free with the right nursing bra. The problem with most nursing bras is most are far from sexy or are downright ugly. Thus, most nursing moms are stuck with unsightly nursing bras that may be convenient to use but are embarrassing to use in public.

Fortunately, we can say adieu to embarrassingly ugly bras. Today, we can actually choose from a wide range of beautifully sexy nursing bras.Bravado bras provide us with comfortable, functional and sexy choices. There are lots of things to consider when we’re choosing underwear.

Today, we will explore how our skin type actually affects the way we look in our underwear. Like any type of garment, certain skin types look better in some undergarments than others. There are four basic skin types.

For fair skinned moms who easily freckle or burn when in the sun; soft colors like peach or periwinkle look flattering. You can also go wild with engine red or dark purple as long as the colors are of a deeper (not brighter) hue. The Bravado Microfibre Nursing Bra comes in basic black, butterscotch and white. These colors will suit the fair skinned mothers as well as make it easier for them to nurse their babies.

Mothers with olive skin look good in yellow-toned or jewel toned colors. The reason? These strong but subtle colors bring out the glow out of olive skin. For starters, they can try Bravado Bras The Exquisite Nursing Bra with its mocha and honey hues.

If your skin has yellow tones in it, you might want to try Bravado’s “Basic” Original Nursing Bras in Sky Blue, Leopard Print and Blush. Women with yellow toned skin can get away with more prints because these don’t look too loud or out of sync beside their skin. Moreover, yellow-toned skin tends to diffuse the effect of loud prints.

If you have a medium to really dark skin tone, you can opt for the Bravado bra Sugar and Spice Nursing Bras which come in Spice (Black with Hot pink Lace) or Sugar (Cream with Peach lace). Moms with dark skin tones can show off detailed items better than others. Why? Their beautiful skin tones provide a backdrop and make the details stand out. With dark tones, the detail becomes the focus.

There’s a Bravado bra perfect for your style and skin tone. Try them out now!

Christie Marie Leighton is a freelance fashion writer. Her topics of interests are women’s fashion, haute couture and lingerie.